#7: Tegan and Sara – The Con

#7: Tegan and Sara – The Con

These two twin sisters hailing from Canada are probably the coolest songwriting duo since Lennon and McCartney. Since the mid ’90s, Tegan and Sara have tiptoed along a plethora of amazingly original sounding albums. Over the years, it only seems that they are continuing to grow, while also developing their craft for wonderful tunes. Heavily influenced by Bruce Springsteen, it is apparent that these sisters grew up studying the art of “the song,” and it has paid off immensely.

The Con is a delightful blend of everything that Tegan and Sara has done so well in the past. Consisting of their version of relentless catchiness and intertwining lyrics, the album is a realistic view of today’s world and how the twins feel about it. The meaning of the record is deep and obvious, without being too overbearing. If you love modern songs that will stand the test of time, give all of Tegan and Sara’s albums a listen.

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