#2: The Shins – Wincing the Night Away

#2: The Shins – Wincing the Night Away

Whether you acknowledge it or not, The Shins are this generation’s Beatles. Wincing the Night Away, the band’s third full-length release is arguably their strongest effort yet, consisting of some of the most well written songs since Lennon and McCartney composed decades ago. The Shins are currently in the forefront of the new “British Invasion.” Bands like Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, and Calvin Harris are also among the pack.

The Shins barely missed out on the number one spot of the “25 Days of Music” countdown. Before revealing the #1 album, just know that the top 2 were essentially tied for the major honor. The differences and similarities between The Shins and tomorrow’s #1 rtist will be obvious to most, but unfortunately The Shins weren’t able to pull away with the title. Stay tuned tomorrow (Christmas day) for the Music Mastermind’s number one album of 2007.

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