#12: Portugal the Man – The Satanic Satanist


A few years ago, after Church Mouth was released, Portugal the Man was my favorite new discovery. I saw them live with Rocky Votolato and The Fall of Troy in two separate occasions. They blew me away each time. I was stoked to even know about them.

Years later, the band is still on the up and up. They are continuously touring alongside noteworthy acts and have been managing to build their fan base every single night.

The Satanic Satanist is one step up from Church Mouth, which topped this countdown in 2009 at #13. It’s a little more sarcastic and definitely more bluesy and well-pieced together. It seems that they are slowing finding their ultimate sound as a band.

My favorite tracks on the album are:

  • People Say
  • Work All Day
  • Lovers in Love

Here is a live video of “People Say” on FuelTV:

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