#24: Maximum Balloon – Maximum Balloon

Historically, TV on the Radio does very well on these countdowns. TV on the Radio is a very critically-acclaimed group that wins everyone over with their unique sounds and even more interesting cultural diversity.

Maximum Balloon is the side project of TV on the Radio’s guitarist, David Andrew Sitek, who arguably is the most interesting and creative member of the group. You can quickly realize that simply through the songwriting on this album that he has a heavy hand in TV on the Radio’s writing process. The first track “Tiger,” for example, features Aku (the video is featured below). On the track, you’ll notice that Aku actually sounds like TV on the Radio’s original vocalist. The result is a song that would fit perfectly onto any TV on the Radio album.

One can only hope that David Andrew Sitek is planning more of these masterpieces in the future. Inevitably, we must assume he’ll be going back to handling the guitar for TV on the Radio on their next release, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that he’ll get back to this project before too many years pass by.

To purchase this album from Amazon.com, click on the album cover below.

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