#23: Kings of Leon – Come Around Sundown

Coming in at number 23 this year is a group that I thought would not be able to rank after their impressive release in 2008. After hearing rumors that their new album was going to be “more eclectic” and “take them back to their roots,” I assumed we’d have a collection of songs that resembled some of their older (less put together) material. Well, much to my disbelief, I ended up really liking the new Kings of Leon album.

Of course, it’s still no Only By The Night, but I don’t think they’ll ever be able to recreate that album. What they did instead is create a collection of songs that falls somewhere in between the pop brilliance of Only By The Night and some of their odd attributes of their older albums.

For me, my favorite track is definitely the opener. The song, “The End” offers a simple drumbeat, simple instrumentation, but a powerful and infectious vocal melody throughout its entirety. This song goes to show that simplicity is sometimes the best option.

Due to not being able to find a real video of “The End” online, I have pasted “Radioactive,” which is the first single off of the album. This is also a standout song on the album.

To purchase this album from Amazon.com, click on the album cover pictured below.

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