#22: Rusko – O.M.G.

To be honest, the #22 spot was moved around a lot prior to the finalization of this year’s countdown. Originally, Hilltop Hoods’ latest album took the spot, but after a little more research, I discovered that it came out late in 2009 (even though it’s an import from Australia) and therefore must be disqualified from this year’s countdown. In order to be amongst the best albums of 2010, the album does, in fact, have to be released within the same year (December to December actually).

So, throughout all of the moving around, the amazing dub-step album by Rusko ended up taking the #22 spot. Rightfully so, too. O.M.G. is a very diverse and electrifying album filled with musical hooks that will stay in your head for weeks on end.

My favorite song on the album happens to be the first single called “Woo Boost.” It’s fun. It’s catchy. And it’s just an overall great song.

See for yourself by watching the music video embedded below.

To buy this album from Amazon.com, click on the album cover embedded below.

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