#4: Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History

This trio from Northern Ireland took me by surprise this year. I stumbled upon a song of theirs in a promo video somewhere and was instantly intrigued. The music sounded catchy, electronic, fast, and a lot of fun.

Lo and behold, at first listen of Tourist History in its entirety, I was in love. I was surprised to find out that one of my favorite rappers of the year remixed a song off this album and that I knew another song randomly. Somehow, they slid under my radar up to that point. Regardless, I’m glad I got a solid hold of them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be #4 on this countdown.

It’s hard to compare Two Door Cinema Club to a popular group out there. I hate to say it, but their fast and catchy beats can remind some of The Killers. The Postal Service would be another decent comparison. But overall, they’re tough to categorize, but definitely easy to dance to.

Here’s the video for “I Can Talk,” which I am very surprised to see is a single. Compared to all of the other great songs on the album, this song would be one of the last ones I would guess is a single. It’s still a great song though.

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