#3: Marina and the Diamonds – The Family Jewels

The #3 album of the year is yet another import (Don’t American artists make good music anymore?). This one hails from the UK and goes by the name of Marina and The Diamonds.

Not only is Marina a gorgeous woman… she is also an excellent singer and performer. It’s rare that you find a solo artist with an exceptional debut album like this (rewind to Mika in 2008). The Family Jewels is simply an incredible collection of short, poppy songs that will stand the test of time.

Surprisingly, Marina still hasn’t hit the U.S. very hard. In fact, now that I can see other “Best of 2010” lists on the web, I am seeing no recognition for her. It’s disappointing, but I guess that just means I have a better ear for the undiscovered.. wink wink.

Honestly, every song on this album is excellent. Some standouts would be “I Am Not a Robot” and “Hollywood.”

I have embedded the official video for “Mowgli’s Road.” It’s a sexy and creative video. One of the best of the year in my opinion.

To purchase this album, click on the album cover below.

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