The Wild Wild West

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There is a fine line between great music and great film. Beyond that, one could argue that all forms of art are closely-related and often intertwine with each other to enhance the listener and/or viewer’s experience with a particular piece. A great example of this being executed properly is in a hit television series. The scores and theme songs are always right on, and every aspect of the final product is very enjoyable.

Deadwood, one of my personal favorite HBO series in history, is a television show that executed in every way imaginable. The story was thick, the settings were beautiful, and the music was always spot-on. It takes a lot of work to achieve perfection and the Deadwood series was as close as you can get.

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The funniest thing about my personal love for Deadwood is that I’m not particularly fond of the American West. While they do play a role in the overall schema of American cinema and history, Westerns just aren’t my thing. I personally believe I was more engulfed in the character development and the story than I was the overall theme of the show. It just goes to show that nothing beats great writing.

Deadwood is definitely a show that you’ll want to experience all at once. It’s the entire series that makes it so wonderful. That is why I highly recommend checking out the Amazon offer and consider buying the entire series in one fell swoop.

After you do purchase it, please leave your comments and photos of you with the package. I would love to see the smiles on your faces.

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