Civil Wars To Release Post Breakup Album

They may have broken up earlier this year due to ‘internal discord,’ but their finished set of songs is still going to be released late this summer.

The offering will be self-titled and released through Columbia Records. The sophomore album was shopped to all record labels, but most were hesitant to pick it up without an accompanying promotional tour. Apparently, The Civil Wars pair will only get together for a couple promotional events. They have already released the announcement that they will not be touring.

I’d like to think that the duo will eventually get back together, but I fear that when long-term vision and ambition is a conflict internally, it’s often too difficult to ever see eye to eye again.

At least we’ll be able to experience another (hopefully) epic album before they completely disappear. The good news is that both members seem extremely happy with the new material despite the breakup.

I’ll continue to track this story as it develops.

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