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#1: Anderson Paak – Malibu

Ladies and gentlemen – Now introducing the #1 album of 2016….

Drumroll please….

Anderson Paak’s Malibu!

I don’t even know where to start. This album is laced with musical diversity. It’s fun and exciting and musically stellar.

The guy can play instruments, sing, and rap with the best of them. It makes for a pretty marvelous record.

Congrats, Anderson Paak!

#4: Thomston – Topograph

I’ve been putting my flag in Thomston for a few years now. He’s been on my radar as the most exciting new artist for as long as he’s been releasing music.

I was anxiously anticipating his first full-length album. And here it is in Topograph.

Is it great? Absolutely. Is it as incredible as I hoped? Maybe not.

But it’s hard to deny that he has one of the coolest voices out there right now. I suspect he’ll grow his fanbase after his next release. Producers seem to just have a little more work to do with him.

#5: Anohni – Hopelessness

Music with heart… that’s what people say they want. They want to feel emotions. They want a song that will bring them to tears.

If that’s you, look no further.

Anohni is on this countdown representing genuine emotion in music. It’s unbelievable how much she pours out her heart throughout Hopelessness.

It’s a fantastic album that will undoubtedly be a timeless classic.

#7: Chance the Rapper – Coloring Book

There are always a few hip-hop albums that speak to me every year. I’ve been a fan of Chance’s since he hit the indie underground scene playing small festivals several years back. His jazz and fusion influence is refreshing. He’s young. He’s smart.

He has a promising future ahead of him. I hope he continues to push the envelope by mashing together high-intellect genres of music.

#8: Beyonce – Lemonade

Lemonade was obviously released without warning. This brought about a ton of media attention. And rightfully so. Her HBO special was made into an unprecedented event.

Beyonce not only knows how to make a theatrical event out of something others would just call an album release, but she also is writing very sophisticated songs right now.

There is so many layers to Lemonade. It’s true art. You don’t have to be a pop music fan to appreciate that.