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An Important Announcement

It has been decided by our team that we will be halting the publishing of new blog posts immediately. We discussed the value that we are presenting and have realized that although we enjoy reporting on and reviewing great up and coming acts, we have other priorities to focus on as an operation. This does not mean the review blog will cease to exist. It merely means we’ll just be publishing them without any sort of planned schedule.

Our focus moving forward will be our work with our agency, Jiggy Piggy. The goal is to continue helping indie artists make music their career. There is no better solution out there than Jiggy Piggy’s, and we realize it takes a lot of effort to do the things we want to do.

So, we’re sorry if you will miss our 3 posts per week cadence. While you won’t get as much joy out of us on that front, we encourage you to check out what we’re doing at Jiggy Piggy and reach out if you think you might need our services.

Thanks so much for your support over the years.

-Logan Lenz

Co-Founder of and Jiggy Piggy

Currently Listening To: JMR

JMR is another moniker from the mysterious artist named John Michael Ray. Although John Michael Ray has released music under that name, he just released the embedded track below. As you’ll notice, the track, entitled “Closer” is from a project called JMR.

Is this a name change or a completely different act altogether? I guess we’ll have to wait until more songs are released to know for sure.

RumbleTalk Makes Chatting Cool Again

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of RumbleTalk Chat room for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you remember the days where we'd seek out an AOL chatroom, log into it, and blindly start talking with people from all over the country (world?) about literally anything. When you think about those simpler times, you realize how far we've come with technology. However, we have yet to see a very good evolution of such chat rooms. While we have social media and even web forums, haven't you ever felt the need to just chat in real-time again?

We've excited learned recently of a chat room technology called “RumbleTalk.” RumbleTalk is a version of those awesome olf-school chatrooms, but made modern, and given steroids.

A RumbleTalk Chat widget can be embedded on a website for real-time conversation with a group. The best features beyond that is the “on the go” feature that allows chatters to continue engaging in the discussion while away from the computer/website. Webmasters can also embed a small right-side panel widget that displays how many new chats have recently taken place. 

While we hope that you don't start asking everybody in these chatrooms their A/S/L (remember that?), we do hope you partake in a RumbleTalk and let us know what you thought of the experience by leaving a comment below.

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Listen To: My Silent Bravery

Matthew Wade is a singer-songwriter out of Boston that goes by the stage name My Silent Bravery. He has toured nationwide supporting acts such as Kris Allen, Howie Day, and Tyler Hilton. He’s also landed placements on shows like CW’s One Tree Hill, and MTV’s Real World & True Life.

He recently opened for Daughtry at the 5th annual WXLO 104.5FM acoustic xmas concert.

Below is the video of “To Give” featuring Matisyahu.

#24: Savages – Silence Yourself

Savages remind me so much of Rush. However, they are all female.

There’s not much to be said about the album “Free Yourself.” It’s original, rugged, and really entertaining to listen to. It’s one of those albums that offer up a package of music rather than a collection of songs.

I suggest giving Savages a listen. Rock on, ladies!

You can buy the album here:

Listen To: Jared & The Mill

A new favorite of mine, Jared & The Mill, just completed a tour and the bands song “Returning Half” was just featured on ABC’s Nashville.

They will now be added into full rotation on MY 1039 in Phoenix. They will showcase in LA at Hotel Cafe on Dec 4th.

They are indie folk-rock ala Mumford & Sons and their album was produced By Bob Hoag (The Format, Jimmy Eat World). They have shared the stage with the likes of The Killers and Youngblood Hawke.

Obtaining the Right Supplies

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Worldwide Janitor for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Those that solely follow this blog at may not know that I am a serial entrepreneur with many businesses, ventures, and investments in the wild. I have marketing agencies, consumer products, and local services that keep me very busy everyday.

More specifically, I wanted to send out a shoutout to a company that can use a little promotion. The company is called Worldwide Janitor. They've been very kind to one of my businesses, a corporate cleaning service, by providing us with high-quality supplies at discounted prices.

Having a relationship like this allows me to not have to worry about my janitorial business. It actually frees up more time for me to post on this blog about upcoming artists and hot new music. There's nothing more valuable to me than time – that's why I cherish Worldwide Janitor and what they offer as a wholesaler in the cleaning supply space.

Finally, I deem it necessary to discuss how nimble they are as a company. They now offer top-of-the-line organic and biodegradable cleaning products that are becoming a trend for many people. These products, manufactured by Snee Chemical, are available exclusively online at Worldwide Janitor's website.

Please check them out and leave your comments below to tell me what you think about having the right supply partner in your business.

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Civil Wars To Release Post Breakup Album

They may have broken up earlier this year due to ‘internal discord,’ but their finished set of songs is still going to be released late this summer.

The offering will be self-titled and released through Columbia Records. The sophomore album was shopped to all record labels, but most were hesitant to pick it up without an accompanying promotional tour. Apparently, The Civil Wars pair will only get together for a couple promotional events. They have already released the announcement that they will not be touring.

I’d like to think that the duo will eventually get back together, but I fear that when long-term vision and ambition is a conflict internally, it’s often too difficult to ever see eye to eye again.

At least we’ll be able to experience another (hopefully) epic album before they completely disappear. The good news is that both members seem extremely happy with the new material despite the breakup.

I’ll continue to track this story as it develops.