The 25 Days of Music: The Best Albums of 2007

In honor of the festive month of December, I, in conjunction with ANR Magazine, have compiled a list of the 25 best albums to surface this year. Narrowing the collection down to only 25 was no easy task, for this year spawned some of the most original, diverse, and timeless works of music to be created in a long while.

As a disclaimer, I must forewarn readers that I could not possibly have the time to listen to every single album that was released throughout the year. With that being said, however, it is important to acknowledge my overall diversity and appreciation for all styles of music. Whether it’s rock, hip-hop, country, or metal – good music is good music, and I believe ANR Magazine and myself have tracked down the best and most impressive pieces of art that the year had to offer.

Compared to the lists composed by popular music publications like Rolling Stone, Spin, and Paste Magazine, “The 25 Days of Music” is a refreshing dose of unbiased and un-commercialized information that should be cherished and shared with every music lover. Hopefully, you will discover some amazing new artists along the way that you were never exposed to prior.

The countdown will begin later today, December 1st, with #25. From there, the countdown will continue each day forth, until #1 is released on Christmas Day. Think the “25 Days of Christmas,” but only way better!

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