#24: Caveman Theory – The Stone Quartet


#24: Caveman Theory – The Stone Quartet

Just because you have never heard of something, does not mean it can’t change your perspective on a genre of music. The independent hip hop “quartet” of Caveman Theory is a prime example of this notion. Featuring some of the most skillful and undiscovered talents in the hip hop world, this Orlando, FL group has silently taken underground hip hop to a new level. The Stone Quartet consists of an astounding 18 tracks – all of which stand up individually on their own creative legs.

Each song on the album possesses their own individuality, while simultaneously conveying the group’s versatility. Whether you are looking for catchy hip hop choruses, R&B grooves, rapid flows, or some of the most interesting beats around, The Stone Quartet consumes each and every aspect with utter success.

There is something special to be said for Caveman Theory. In their rather brief existence, they have managed to represent the “25 Days of Music” countdown as the only pure hip hop act. Does this mean that this unknown group has created the best hip hop album of the year?…… Yes, that’s exactly what it means.

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