#23: Bat for Lashes – Fur and Gold


#23: Bat for Lashes – Fur and Gold

The rise of strong female vocalists was definitely placed in the limelight this year. Aside from the over-monopolization of the larger pop radio names, some of the most astounding female voices have made their presence known within the last few years. The overnight successes of artists like Rilo Kiley, Tegan and Sara, Regina Spektor, and Feist, just to name a few, have paved the way for a greater acceptance of the feminine song recently.

Bat for Lashes, although still below the radar, has intelligently ridden the wave of womanly success this year. Under the master craftwork of Britain’s Natasha Khan, Fur and Gold has stomped its way onto this countdown as one of only few remarkable debut albums of the year. As if her “New Artist of the Year,”Female Artist of the Year,” and
Video of the Year” (“What’s a Girl to Do?”) PLUG Award nominations weren’t enough already.

As delicate, sweet, and elegant as indie music can get, Fur and Gold is definitely an album perfectly suitable for the most solitary of moods. The record’s most impressive element, however, is its vast listen-ability – never resorting to any boring and mundane tracks. Each song fits cohesively with the next, and is intense in their own soft and melodic way. It is evident that Bat for Lashes will be around for a while.

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