#22: Triggerslip – Bullets and Broken Promises


#22: Triggerslip – Bullets and Broken Promises

The inevitable demise of quality alternative rock music was more prominent this year than any other. After realizing that there is currently an oligopoly of the mainstream rock market, I had a very difficult and strenuous time overturning a hot new rock band. But all of my hard work eventually surfaced, and it was posed as a blessing from the rock music gods. Florida’s own Triggerslip quickly became the remedy to a plummeting musical genre, by providing me with ample doses of both ferocity and melody.

The band utilizes the attractive contrasts of heavy and melodic music very adequately throughout the album’s entirety. Tunes like “Scissors,” “Enemies,” and even the acoustic “Until It’s Gone” could easily fit into mainstream rock radio. All of the catchy choruses, honest and genuine lyrics, and heavy-hitting instrumentation provide any rock fans with what they need to make it through the day.

Bullets and Broken Promises
serves as Triggerslip’s debut full-length album. Released through a small Florida imprint dubbed Endagon, the CD failed to cover a wide geographical territory, thus leaving it virtually untouched and unobtainable. Luckily, you can purchase this CD online at CDBaby for only $12.97.

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