#10: Paramore – Riot!

#10: Paramore – Riot!

After a long few weeks of December, we have finally punctured our way into the top 10 albums of the year. While other entities and publications have completely neglected to recognize Paramore in their top album lists ( perhaps due to their blatant commercialism), The Music Mastermind accommodates Riot!‘s nonstop intensity and utter pop brilliance.

Besides the notion that the group may be too “poppy” for some hardcore rock fans to enjoy, what is not to like about Paramore? The songs are short, sweet, and catchy and the instrumentation and vocals are spot-on. Need more? – the band was signed before all of the members even graduated high school. If that’s not an embodiment of the word “career development,” than I don’t know what is.

Fast, fun, and catchy, all of the songs on Riot! cover all of the aforementioned adjectives with precision. Aside from the two singles “Misery Business” and “crushcrushcrush,” the album penetrates throughout other forceful radio nominees as “Hallelujah” and “Born For This.”

If you are guilty of being a skeptic, do yourself a favor and check out this album. It definitely serves its purpose very well. It may be the best straight-to-the-point pop punk album of the year. It fills the void as the album that you tend to reach for when driving in your car with all of your friends. The sing-along capabilities are simply infectious.

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