#4: Feist – The Reminder

#4: Feist – The Reminder

We have all seen the overplayed I-Pod commercial with that mysterious female voice singing “1, 2, 3, 4, Tell me that you love me more,” but how many people actually researched the unknown artist? If you didn’t, or were not stimulated by the melody portrayed in the ad, you really missed out on something special. Feist, the brain-child of singer-songwriter Leslie Feist, quickly became the most searched artist on popular search engines such as Google. Just because she has Apple to thank for her recent popularity does not mean that she didn’t already have stardom coming her way.

For indie music fans, some may know Leslie Feist from her involvement with the popular group Broken Social Scene. If you are unfamiliar, however, than Feist just may be the coolest new artist to pop out of Canada this year. Songs like “So Sorry” and “I Feel It All” lead the collection of songs by hypnotizing the listener with a subtly sweet voice and beautiful melodies.

Feist will be around for a while. As of right now, she may be the most highly requested live act in the United States. Before she embarks on her highly anticipated tour, any music fan unaware of The Reminder’s brilliance should take the time to check out this album. After all, it is the Music Mastermind’s fourth best album of all of 2007.

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