#7: Daughtry – Leave This Town


Daughtry may be the best artist to ever come out of American Idol. I would accept arguments for Carrie Underwood or now, Adam Lambert (if his debut album wasn’t so cheesy). For rock fans, Daughtry has the most perfect voice, and with his latest release, Leave This Town, he and his team is writing the most perfect radio rock tunes.

I know I should be ashamed to have this listed so high in the countdown, but I’m not. Have you heard this entire record? It’s unbelievably catchy. There is no question that it’s Daughtry’s best. That’s saying a lot since the debut was pretty darn good as well.

Some of the best songs on the album are:

  • Every Time You Turn Around
  • Life After You
  • September

Here is the official video for “No Surprise”:

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