#2: Noisettes – Wild Young Hearts


The Noisettes blew me away several years ago. I first was exposed to them when they opened for TV on the Radio on their North American tour. The band was so simple, yet so different. They were a British three-piece with an African-American frontwoman that also happened to wail on the bass. Their live show was crazy. I couldn’t believe I had never heard of them.

Years later, the band has released their second full-length, entitled Wild Young Hearts. This album is an upgrade from “What’s the Time Mr. Wolf” that was released in early 2007. I was expecting a lot from their follow-up, and they delivered far beyond my expectations.

Sadly, the Noisettes are still an underground name. While they have received exposure on a few teen television shows, they haven’t been recognized for their true talent yet. Perhaps they get that in their homeland of the UK?

Some of the best tracks on the album are:

  • Wild Young Hearts
  • Never Forget You
  • Sometimes

Finally, here is the official music video for “Never Forget You”:

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