#3: Bo Burnham – Bo Burnham


Eighteen year old Bo Burnham deserves a lot of credit. After being discovered via YouTube, his humorous and extremely witty homemade videos allowed him to conquer the online world. It was incredible and refreshing to see a senior high school be so intelligent with their comedy.

On top of that, the kid can wail on the piano.

What does that leave us with? My guess is the next big thing in comedy. Bo will end up in shows, movies, and his stand-up act will compete with the likes of Dane Cook’s. The kid is just way too smart to fail at this point.

His self-titled debut simply bundled all of his online video hits onto one laugh-filled CD (via a live performance at a college).

I’m addicted to the entire album and there are tons of amazing lines that you will be using for years to come. Check it out and enjoy!

The best / funniest songs on the album are:

  • I’m Bo Yo
  • My Whole Family
  • New Math

Below is a video of Bo performing “Welcome to YouTube at the YouTube Live event in 2008.

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