#1: Empire of the Sun – Walking On a Dream


After 24 long days throughout December, we are ready to unveil the #1 album of 2009.

It is none other than the breakout band of the year, Empire of the Sun.

There is no question you have heard one of their songs this year. They have penetrated commercials, television shows, and even blockbuster movies. The funny part is – each of these media outlets used a different song. This album is that GOOD!

Empire of the Sun reminds me a lot of MGMT (which finished in the top 5 of this countdown last year). Their music is heavily based around electronic sounds and beats, and their style takes you back to 1980s and beyond. Even better, they are reminiscent of a little David Bowie.

The best songs on Walking on a Dream are:

  • Walking on a Dream
  • Half Mast
  • We Are the People

To conclude, here is a video of “Walking on a Dream”:

Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A DreamClick here for more home videos

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