#14: The National – High Violet

After they released the absolutely incredible album, Boxer, a few years ago, I doubted that they could come back with another headturning album. Much to my suprise (a good surprise), they made more of the same music. It almost felt like a continuation of Boxer, and you have no idea how good that is.

The most attractive element about the National is the lead singer’s very deep and mundane voice. While he would never win American Idol with his lack of range, his tone is haunting and fits the backing music perfectly. It’s odd, but for whatever reason, it’s so delightful to listen to.

For anyone that hasn’t heard a lot of the National, I suggest checking out their album Boxer first. Then, proceed to their 2010 release, High Violet.

I have embedded the video for their first single, Bloodbuzz Ohio, below. Enjoy!

To purchase this album, click on the picture below to be whisked away to Amazon.com.

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