#12: Chromeo – Business Casual

I have been a fan of Chromeo’s since the start of their journey. Thus far, all of their releases have been fun and energetic, unique and outrageous.

If you’ve never heard Chromeo before, they could be best described as Prince meets Michael Jackson, but with a side of digital funk grooves. As hard as it is to classify their dance-esque style of music, it’s extremely easy to be infected by their tight grooves and clever harmonies.

For a two-piece act, it doesn’t get much better than Chromeo. They are a group that really knows how to utilize the resources they have in their possession while also not taking themselves too seriously. When a serious band knows how to relax, have fun, and even make fun of themselves sometimes, it usually makes the music that much more enjoyable.

Business Casual is another solid effort from the group. I have featured the song “Don’t Turn the Lights On” below in the form of a video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

To purchase this album from Amazon, click the album cover below:

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