#9: Sufjan Stevens – The Age of Adz

What can be said about the interesting and mysterious, Sufjan Stevens?… Hmmm. A lot.

In his short career thus far, he has managed to build a loyal underground fanbase without ever performing live (with a few exceptions). Whenever I talk to club promoters, he is always atop their artist wishlist, but yet he still decides to be distant. It’s obvious that he is trying to be unique and do things differently than most others do. I guess that’s what makes him so appealing in the first place.

At the very forefront of his appeal is his genre-bending music. I am not even going to attempt to place his style into genres. All of his releases are different and they each offer up concepts all their own. He’s very diverse. He’s extremely smart.

His latest LP is called “Age of Adz” and it’s a strong return to actual albums. Prior to this, he released a Christmas boxset (featuring Christmas songs that he wrote for him and his family) and an EP titled All Delighted People.

I have embedded a YouTube clip of the song “I Walked” off of The Age of Adz.

To purchase this album from Amazon, click on the album cover below.

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