#8: Band of Horses – Infinite Arms

I didn’t know how Band of Horses was going to follow-up such an incredible album in Cease To Begin. Honestly, I feared they weren’t going to be able to come close to creating another masterpiece. After all, BOH kind of fell onto the musical map with that release. They needed to prove to everyone they were hear to stay.

I had the pleasure of previewing all of Infinite Arm’s songs live in concert months before the album was released. Not only did I enjoy the show immensely, but I was astonished as to how good the new songs sounded. Were they really about to create another incredible album? Who would’ve guessed it?

Lo and behold – I loved Infinite Arms the second I finished listening to the whole album. It was the same BOH that I fell in love with, except it did have its own unique feel to it.

BOH now ranks atop my list of favorite artists around today. My unofficial wedding song happens to be “No One’s Gonna Love You” off of Cease To Begin. That goes to show how much I adore these guys.

I have embedded the video for “Laredo” below.

To purchase this album from Amazon, please click on the album cover below.

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