#6: Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More

We might have the next “big” artist in Mumford & Sons. I don’t want to jinx their future success, but to me, they could become the next Dave Matthews Band. I know it’s extremely premature to say something like that after only one full-length record, but they are just THAT good and they have one of those timeless sounds.

I’d like to call Mumford & Sons’ signature style “Post-modern folk rock.” It’s a unique blend of folk, rock, pop, progressive, and straight up acoustic charm.

It’s not often that a band comes out of nowhere and blows me away with their debut record. To make it in my top 6 list for 2010 could just be the beginning for them, but regardless, it is an amazing accomplishment.

You may have heard the album’s first single on pop radio the last few months. It’s called “Little Lion Man” and the video is embedded below.

To purchase this album from Amazon, click on the album cover below.

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