#2: Local Natives – Gorilla Manor

I really don’t know what to say about Local Natives and the incredible album they released this year called Gorilla Manor.

Well, one thing I will mention is that I thought the album wasn’t qualified to be in this countdown because I thought it was released in November 2009 and I was just late to get to it. I was surprised to later find out that it was, in fact, released in 2010 (February to be exact). This immediately guaranteed for a spot in the top 5.

This album is, without a doubt, my most listened to album of the year. I loved it and listened to it for a few months and then my wife started to like it. This meant that she was going to continue to play it for a few more months. Needless to say, this album has conquered my music players for over 6 months this year.

I love the band’s vocal melodies and tribal beats. It’s a unique combination that offers a lot of depth and versatility to their musical capabilities.

I have embedded one of my favorite songs of the year. It’s called “Airplanes.”

To purchase this album, click on the album cover below.

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