#7: Civil Wars – Barton Hollow

Although I am a drummer, there is something about drumless music that hits me really hard. It’s magical what just a guitar and a voice (or two) can do with simplicity, a great melody, and raw emotion.

The Civil Wars is a duo that is one of the best exemplifications of that notion that I have ever seen.

The duo features John Paul White, whom also plays acoustic guitar, and Joy Williams. Their voices are perfect together and their songs are meaningful and conceptual beyond belief.

It’s tough to think about a male/female duo that is better than the Civil Wars. I know that’s a bold statement at such a brief stage in an artist’s career trajectory, but I’m not a fan of the oldies like Sonny and Cher and the Osmonds. I’m pretty sure anyone that reads this blog feels similarly.

“Barton Hollow” takes you on an emotional acoustic ride filled with romance, betrayal, and incredible storytelling. I look forward to hearing what the duet does together in the future.

Here is the music video for their most popular song to date, “Poison & Wine,” which was featured on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

To find out more about this incredible album, check it out on Amazon.

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