#2: Andrew Belle – Ladder

I clearly do not have the same musical tastes as other music critics. Andrew Belle isn’t getting any love this year for his album, Ladder, and I’m still trying to figure out why. In my eyes, it’s pretty close to a masterpiece.

It’s a culmination of all things that make Mr. Belle so gosh darn charming.

  • He is still relatively unknown
  • His voice is so unique
  • He writes catchy songs
  • He uses orchestration to heighten emotion

While I’m accepting that he has been around for a little while and has received the love and admiration that is owed to him, I find it odd that this album isn’t being revered as his “Best work to date.” It, without a doubt, is.

Here is the music video for “Static Waves” featuring Katie Herzig:

If you’d like to buy this album, please check it out on Amazon.

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