#1: Allen Stone – Allen Stone

Allen Stone is still a relative unknown in the music world. Rightfully so. His debut album only came out a few months ago. However, his traction and popularity is starting to show online through video views and blog discussions. It’s only a matter of time, but I feel like we have the next up and coming artist that is destined for mainstream success similar to what Adele saw this year.

This kid is only 22 years old and his voice is one of the most refined and soulful that I have heard in years. In fact, I would even argue that Mr. Stone might have the best raw vocal I have EVER heard!

It’s classic Music’s Master to give the year end title to a relative unknown and up and comer. I guess I’m just drawn to these type of artists. After naming Adele #1 in 2008, look where she is now. If the trend continues, we might just see Allen Stone exploding in 2014.

Congratulations, Allen! Keep writing incredible music and unleashing that inhuman voice and vocal range.

Here is a video of what I think is one of the best songs of the entire year, “Unaware.” Check out this white boy’s voice as he performs live in his mother’s living room!

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