#1: Muse – The 2nd Law

I remember not liking the first single, “Madness,” when I first heard it. I thought “is this really Muse? – What happened to them?”

Then the album, The 2nd Law came out. That’s when I fell in love with what Muse was doing. They made a more mature and more holistic musical experience. Seriously. There are orchestral pieces, there are ballads, and there are even electronic/dub instrumental breakdowns. Plus, there over-arching story line that focuses on politics and the future of our world.

It’s pretty remarkable art, and that’s why I couldn’t deny them of the #1 spot this year. The three-piece truly deserve it simply for reinventing themselves after so many years. That’s musicality at its finest.

If you’d like to enjoy this album, purchase it on Amazon.

The aforementioned “Madness” video can be found below.

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