#9: Volcano Choir – Repave

Can Justin Vernon do no wrong? First, he conquered the indie rock world with Bon Iver, and now he’s back at it with the group he co-founded in 2005 called Volcano Choir.

The new album, Repave, is more of the Justin Vernon that Bon Iver fans have grown to love. With Justin on vocals throughout, it does almost seem like it’s a new Bon Iver album – except it’s not. Volcano Choir does bring its own original style to the table, but it’s ultimately Justin’s touch that allows any listener to quickly relate the two. 

I strongly recommend this album – especially for Bon Iver fans that may not know how versatile and busy Justin Vernon is as a songwriter and performer. What will he accomplish next?

Below is an embed of the video for one of the best songs of the year (IMO), “Comrade.”

You can find the album here.

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