#7: The Civil Wars – The Civil Wars

There has never been more of a dramatic musical breakup than that of The Civil Wars back in August of this year. The news broke with a lot going on for the duo.

The group had one their first Grammy earlier that year, Joy had her first child, and the pair were in the studio recording their second full-length album.

The reason was cited as “internal discord and a misalignment of ambition.” Fans were quick to doubt the truth in such a statement. For an acoustic folk duo that sing beautiful and meaningful love songs to each other every night, the “discord” could mean so much more.

Both members are married – to other people. Perhaps they walked the thin line of acting and feeling for a bit too long before it took its toll…?

Regardless, the result of such drama and intensity is the new self-titled album that was released in October, after the breakup announcement. The songs are laced with irony and shear emotion – making the complete listen one of the most intense love albums of all time.

It might not be as solid of an offering as the critically acclaimed debut, but it’s about as close as a sophomore album can get.

Below is an embed of the video for the song, “The One That Got Away.”

You can find the album here.

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