#6: Arctic Monkeys – AM

I’ll admit that I was never a huge Arctic Monkeys fan when they first came out. I don’t know if it was because I wrote them off as being “Too British” or there was a bit of arrogance that threw me off.

Fast forward to this year and I couldn’t have done more of a 360. I am now a huge Arctic Monkeys fan. So much so that I made sure to purchase concert tickets right when they went on sale in anticipation of a sellout. I guess I didn’t want to feel left out after hearing the incredible new album, AM.

There’s no denying the band’s talent, and their youth is promising a long and prosperous musical career for them. If they keep up what they’re currently doing, we will be seeing them atop the entertainment world globally in a few years – even more so than they already are.

Below is an embed of the video for the song, “Do I Wanna Know?.”

You can find the album here.

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