#5: Chvrches – Bones of What You Believe

I fell in love with the female-fronted band, Chvrches, this year. If anyone is wondering about it, their name is pronounced as you might expect it to be – “churches.” This trend of misspelling is a very smart one deeply rooted in the strategy of search optimization. In other words, if they spelled their name the normal way (churches), when people searched for them using just that word, they would get results of actual churches. Searching for the misspelled version, of course, would yield the results for the band. Genius!

Their debut album Bones of What You Believe is so charming and addicting. Each song possesses the same indie electro pop quality that you might expect from a future underground supergroup. The fact that they aren’t on pop radio is astounding but very appealing to the hipster crowd that wants to claim their discovery of artists such as these. They’re in a perfect position to take over the indie scene.

I literally have a new favorite song on this album with each listen so I strongly suggest listening to the whole thing in its entirety.

Below is an embed of the video for the song, “Mother We Share.”

You can find the album here.

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