Listen To: Midnight Boy

Midnight Boy’s Don’t Say No” was sitting on #5 on the iTunes Singles Chart in Sweden. Midnight Boy is aesthetically and sonically time warped from the 80’s. In 2013, Midnight Boy released his debut single “Roll With It” by 100SONGS and the Sequel, “When You’re Strange”. This took him on a mini-tour in Los Angeles. During 2014 Midnight Boy worked with popular producers/writers such as Tony Kanal (From No Doubt), Jimmy Harry (Pink,Britney Spears), Jean-Baptiste (Madonna, Rihana, Nicki Minaj). BitCandy says this “I still can’t quite tell if new artist Midnight Boy is serious or not, and I’m not really sure if it matters. This group is unlike anything to have graced music in decades – I can’t decide if Midnight Boy is parodying the 80s or just straight up living in them. If this is an homage, it is the most sincere and thoughtfully crafted homage I’ve seen in a long time. The simple fact of the matter is that the music is good, and I normally can’t stand a note of highly synthesized, skin-deep 80s pop. Midnight Boy sells it, and they sell it hard.” Midnight Boy is an artist to watch.

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